Another Invasive Plant Workshop

Our March 1 workshop had a waiting list and so another workshop has been schedule for Wednesday April 16 from 4-7 pm.

The folks on the waiting list have been given the opportunity to register and now it is open to anyone interested.

This workshop is free.  It is our hope that those attending will organize and participate in invasive removal projects in Richmond’s city parks.

invasive flyer April 16


2 thoughts on “Another Invasive Plant Workshop

  1. Will this happen again. We recently moved near the park and our backyard is a jungle of vines and weed trees I can’t identify! Would love to know the best way to get rid of them and replace them with native VA plants!

    • Noell,

      At this time we don’t have definite plans for another class. However, if you are near Forest Hill Park I would be glad to help you identify what I am able to. Feel free to e-mail me at (Please know that I am not a professional, but have learned about invasive and native species through workshops, meetings and research).

      Suzette Lyon

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