About Us

We are concerned citizens who simply want Richmonders to wake up and see the ivy (and other invasives) and to realize that individuals can make a difference by removing invasive plants in their own yards.  Then we should join together to save the natural areas in our parks!

Invasive plants are threatenting our ecosystems at an alarming rate but few people seem to take notice.  James River Park, Forest Hill Park, Bryan Park and many others are being covered with English ivy and other invasives.   There are invasive plants on city streets, in alleys and on many private properties in the city. This photo shows one of the many trees in Richmond that is covered with English ivy and has many thousands of berries just waiting for hungry birds to eat and disperse. Unless we – as a community –  begin to remove ivy from trees, this will be a growing problem!

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We are gardeners (not experts)  and so we will refer you to reliable sites for specific information about removing invasive plants.   Please join us – together we can make a difference, one yard at a time.

Please send us your success stories and so we can post the progress we are making. Contact us using the form below or at ivyoutofrichmond at yahoo dot com.  We would love to track how many trees become ivy free!

And please subscribe to our blog for updates and success stories!


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