Join the Battle Against English Ivy

English ivy collage

With so many things to be concerned about these days and so much to do,  dealing with invasive plants may not be on your mind, but perhaps it should be.  English ivy and other  non-native invasive plants in the Richmond area are spreading quickly in all of the natural areas and destroying habitat wherever they grow and grow and grow.

Just take a look as you drive around town.  At this time of year it’s very easy to see infestations on  trees.  Each of those ivy loaded  trees will make seed for the birds to spread to another location.  It is absolutely out of control.

On Saturday, March 9, 2013, the Reedy Creek Coalition in Richmond will sponsor an Ivy Removal Workday at Forest Hill Park.  They will be providing guidance on how to kill ivy that is growing on trees.  Volunteer for this event at Hands On Greater Richmond.


Remove ivy from the base of the tree.  Leave the upper portion to die.

Remove ivy from the base of the tree. Leave the upper portion to die.

AND you can help just by keeping ivy off the trees one your own property.  NOW is the time to start.

  • Make your property an ivy free zone.
  • Subscribe to our website for updates and let us know about your progress.
  • Join volunteer groups that are removing invasive plants in our parks.
  • But before you begin, visit our English ivy page to learn how to remove ivy from the tree.

Left unchecked, English ivy could be the vine that ate Richmond.     Don’t let that happen!